Portable Changeable Message Boards

We offer a selection of portable changeable message signs that have the capacity to retain 200 pre-programmed messages, 200 user-generated messages, and 250 message sequences (up to 10 pages / sequence). All of our signs offer a minium of three lines of text and most are full matrix. We offer long life LED’s and are NTCIP compliiant. All trailer have an 80 watt solar panel for a minimum 30 day run time. Additional solar panels and options available.

Full size message signs are 137.5″ x 79.5″

T331 3 line/ 8 character

T333 4-Line/12-Char Full Matrix Display

Advantage Mini Portable Message Signs

CMS-GP232T 34″ x 71″ Full Matrix Trailer-Mounted Display

CMS-GP465T 48″ x 78″ Full Matrix Trailer-Mounted Display

CMS-GP432T 48″ x 96″ Full Matrix Trailer-Mounted Display