Speed Enforcement Radar

Eagle 3

Our Eagle 3 directional police RADAR equipment offers front and rear scan mode, color touch screen display, and a new electronic tuning fork feature.

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle II features a flexible design sure to fit your agency’s needs.  Fastest Vehicle, Same Direction and Stopwatch modes  are all basic features.  Available in Ka band antennas only.  

Raptor RP-1 Series 

The Raptor RP-1 directional radar offers a wide range of features in the smallest two-piece moving Doppler radar on the market.  The Raptor RP-1 is available in both single and dual antennas, a choice of K or Ka band antennas and wired or wireless remotes.  The Raptor RP-1 also offers an optional Same Lane/Same Direction Mode as well as a configuration for motorcycles. 

Talon II Series

The Talon II Series is available in Stationary only, moving/stationary and directional configurations.  Unit ships standard with a corded handle.  Cordless battery handles with standard and quick chargers are available options.    Moving mode units have a choice of standard dash mount or a pod mount.  

Falcon HR Series

The Falcon HR offers the functionality of a high-end radar system at a fraction of the cost.  A Hand-held radar with direction sensing technology, displays the target’s direction of travel and isolates traffic in one direction.