Speed Trailers

Smart 12 Speed Trailer 

A highly visible trailer has 12 inch characters with 2 ½ digit display capable of displaying speeds up to 199 (km/h).  The Amber LED display includes a flashing characters overspeed violator alert and multiple options including solar, an additional battery, traffic statistics with SMARTstat™ analysis software, and red/blue, blue/blue, or white/white strobe violator alerts.

Smart 800 and Smart 850 Speed Trailers 

Designed for maximum visibility, the 18″ full matrix, high intensity LED display is visible up to 1250 feet.  Durable, trouble free, easy to set up and program, these trailers have a large storage box for speed signs, equipment and up to four (4) AGM deep cycle batteries.  Options include a value package with SLOW DOWN and RED-BLUE flashing violator alerts and a traffic data recorder.  Solar panel, aluminum wheels and other options available.