Vehicle Radar/Laser Holsters

Headrest or Organizer Mounted Holders

Holders come complete with hardware

20150121_154025                 LTI Holder

Universal Headrest Attachment $20

(Shown Installed in Vehicle)

20140615_170647 20140615_170654 20140615_170715

Flat Mount Attachment $50

(Attaches to Headrest Attachement or Seat Organizer)

           Headrest to Flat Mount

Kustom Signals ProLaser 4 20140615_152839 ProLaser 4 Flat Mount

Kustom Signals ProLaser 3 20140615_152732 ProLaser 3 Flat Mount

Kustom Signals Falcon HR /Talon II20140615_152839

Laser Technology  20140615_153103 Laser Tech Flat Mount

Stalker X Series 20140615_153200 Stalker X Flat Mount